2017 News and Events

Delta Tournament – Saturday March 25th 2017

Another super evening of tennis at the Delta on Saturday 25 March. We were a little down on numbers but it all worked with everyone getting some great tennis. In fact Katie Ballard and Jono Mellowes came straight from an A team (Sunday? League) match – Katie just managing to shower and put on a change of tennis gear (didn’t ask Jono!) and one of the last matches was 7-5 7-5 so a great effort by them. But it begs the question, where were the other two? In the Red group women 3rd equal were Katie and Rose Peck, 2nd Kirstin Bulger (not bad for first time) and the winner by 2 points was Anna (also not bad after several months of not playing. In the men’s 3rd equal were Ian Sagan and Darren Ash, 2nd was Jonathan Vickers and first was Shane Horsell – but closely fought as there were only 3 points between 1st and 3rd. In the Blue group 3rd equal were Di Horsell and Midge Wellfair, 2nd Rowena Wakefield (valiant effort as she came from her sickbed!) but a runaway winner was Lou Horner-Baggs with a whopping 24 points. In the men’s 3rd equal were Ian Lunn and Phil Southwell, 2nd was George Brooks and first by a fairly huge margin and the highest Delta score I’ve ever seen, with 27 points was Jono.

Great evening and thanks to all whom came. Thanks also for my bottle of wine Adrian – gone already!

Delta Tournament – Saturday 19th November

The evening started well as we were able to watch the last 10 minutes of Andy Murray’s semi-final in the ATP world tour finals. It put us in the mood. There were two groups as per normal but this time they were more randomly chosen and on the whole it worked very well.

Our winners were:

Red Group Men – 2nd equal with 21 points Paul Wheeler and Paul Hargreaves

1st – with a runaway 26 points Joe Sach

Ladies – 2nd equal with 22 points Midge Wellfair and Nicola Bailey

1st – with 23 points Rowena Wakefiled

Blue Group Men – 3rd – Graham Wellfair (20 points)

Joint 1st – George Brooks and Paul Harris (with Paul winning the bottle of Prosecco as he had fewer games against him) (21 points each)

Ladies – 3rd – ME! with 19 points

2nd – Jane Muncer (21)

1st – Rachel Snowball – a whopping 24 points

Hope everyone enjoyed it. Helpful(!) feedback on any of the year’s tournaments welcome. Zena