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Dates for your diaries 2018

April 22nd (reserve 29th) – Men’s and Ladies’ singles

May 13th (reserve 20th) – Men’s and Ladies’ doubles

June 24th (reserve 1st July) – Mira’s lucky dip

July 12th (reserve 19th) – Roll up – mid week

August 19th – Over 45’s Mixed doubles – Adrian organises this one

September 16th (reserve 23rd) – Mixed doubles

November 3rd or 10th – Delta

To enter any tournament other than the over 45’s email

To enter the over 45’s email

Judy Murray Visit – April 21st 2018

What an incredible day with 50 adults and 25 juniors taking part and plenty more watching, drinking tea and eating cake!
Despite being 45 mins late (taking the wrong turning on the M4 and heading for Wales!) Judy arrived ready to go straight into a Q&A session. She was relaxed, interesting and entertaining, telling plenty of amusing anecdotes involving Andy and Jamie.
She then organised a range of fun and interesting drills some of which required intense concentration. Each session ended with the unlucky few getting drenched from water balloons.
We raised a fantastic £2300 for UNICEF from the clinics, refreshments, raffle and lucky dip. Also a generous donation from ADS Tennis as Adam donated all money from drills for Saturday.
The Club is very grateful to Martin Leay for his generosity and for enabling us all to have an unforgettable day.
Thank you also to everyone who supported the great event by taking part or helping!

Bring a Bun Morning – Roll-Up – Thursday 21st September

For a variety of reasons, not many of them interesting, this year the Roll-Ups held not a tournament but a bring a bun morning (21 September).  More than we expected turned up, but we had to point out to Andy that he’d do better to postpone his return to highly competitive tennis till the new, joint-friendly courts had been installed. In the event Serena’s baby demanded a feed, so she could only watch from the sidelines.  Those of us who did play braved damp and muggy conditions before retiring to the pavilion for coffee and the eponymous buns: our arrival there coincided with the arrival of rain – which didn’t actually matter too much because we all enjoyed a chance to chat and relax, and do what the Roll-Ups do so well, enjoy a good time together.  If you missed this event, there’s a rumor that we might do it again soon.  Watch this space.

Mixed doubles – September 17th

What another great day’s tennis.  Slightly fewer numbers this year but we had a total of 32 players which made the perfect 4 groups of 4 couples which meant that everyone went through to the knock-out stages and got some afternoon play.

The runners-up of the plate were Di Horsell and Charlie Jefferies ((left) starting off the Prosecco for the Horsell household).

The winners of the plate were Midge Wellfair and George Brooks (right).

The runners-up of the main competition were Julia Jamieson-Black and Jono Mellowes (left) – who were probably exhausted after their marathon semi-final.

The winners were Jo Adams and Shane Horsell (right) (more Prosecco) who only dropped 5 games all day.

It’s completely fine for people to leave when they have finished playing but it’s always lovely when people stay to watch the further knock-out stages and we were rewarded with some great tennis.


Delta next on Saturday 11.

Over 45’s Mixed Open Tournament – 13th August

Click to see separate webpage for more information.

Mira’s tournament – June 25th 2017

What a fabulous morning of tennis we had for the Mira Tournament 2017.  The weather threw a bit of everything at us – all we needed was some hail and we’d have had all 4 seasons in one day.  We were only 16 in number but that made for an intimate friendly gathering.  The tournament itself was a bit of a hybrid starting with a round robin sliding handicap and then followed by knockout semis and then finals.  We had to finish before 1pm as a Men’s Aegon match was due to start then and we managed it with about 5 mins to spare.  Being down slightly on numbers meant that 50% of entrants went away with prizes.  As Adrian said – and he was one of them – the rest were losers!  Not the case at all – we were all winners today.

Runners up in the plate were Wynne Jones and Jan Edmonds (beaten 11-9 in the tie-break mind) (right below).

Winners of the plate were Anna and Jonathan Gell (left above) who got better and better with every game.

Runners up in the main event were Jonathan Vickers and Kirstin Bulger (right below), but it was a fix by the organiser because the winners were

Ian Lunn and Julia Jamieson-Black (left above)

Ian Lunn  – two tournaments in a row (never mind the first one was a plate!)


Join us next year.

Men’s and Ladies Doubles – May 14th 2017

If I may say so, the Men’s and Ladies’ Doubles Tournaments held on Sunday 14 May were a huge success!  Due mainly to the wonderful atmosphere created by all the players (40 odd) and their various supporters and other club members who came to watch.  Many many thanks to Rachel who provided 5 fab salads, George for copious sausages and French bread and Britta for apple cake – it really turned the tournament into an event.  It was also lovely to see so many people stay and play in the plate competitions and watch the semis and finals.

And the tennis wasn’t bad either!

Results Plate Competitions

Men –       Runners up:  Paul Wheeler & Zach Webb (right)

Winners: George Brooks & Darren Ash (left)

Women – Runners up: Midge Wellfair & Lilian O’Carroll (right)

Winners: Rowena Wakefield & Rachel Snowball (left)

Main Competition

Men –        Runners up: Steve Lamble & Joe Dennish (right)

Winners: Paul Harris & Joe Sach (left)

Women –  Runners up: Julie Taylor & Katie Ballard (right)

Winners: Julia Jamieson-Black & Tina Wall (left)

More moments from the day…

         On to the next!

Men’s and Ladies Singles – April 30th 2017

An enjoyable afternoon of tennis, with 11 men and 6 ladies competing; there was also an opportunity to try the speed gun later on: which should be available at all tournaments.

Men’s quarter finals were: Hugh vs Oscar, Jeremy vs Ian Sagan, Zach vs Christophe, and Jack vs Steve Lamble; Semi finals were Jack vs Zach, and Jeremy vs Hugh.

The Men’s winner was Zach Webb, and Hugh Yarrow was the runner up: score 6:3.  Ladies winner was Rowena Wakefield, with Julia J-B making a great comeback from 5-1 to 5-5; however, it ended 7-5. Toby Lowsley-Williams won the plate.

Other moments from the day!

Delta Tournament – Saturday March 25th 2017

Another super evening of tennis at the Delta on Saturday 25 March.  We were a little down on numbers but it all worked with everyone getting some great tennis.  In fact Katie Ballard and Jono Mellowes came straight from an A team (Sunday? League) match – Katie just managing to shower and put on a change of tennis gear (didn’t ask Jono!) and one of the last matches was 7-5 7-5 so a great effort by them.  But it begs the question, where were the other two?  In the Red group women 3rd equal were Katie and Rose Peck, 2nd Kirstin Bulger (not bad for first time) and the winner by 2 points was Anna (also not bad after several months of not playing.  In the men’s 3rd equal were Ian Sagan and Darren Ash, 2nd was Jonathan Vickers and first was Shane Horsell – but closely fought as there were only 3 points between 1st and 3rd.  In the Blue group 3rd equal were Di Horsell and Midge Wellfair, 2nd Rowena Wakefield (valiant effort as she came from her sickbed!) but a runaway winner was Lou Horner-Baggs with a whopping 24 points.  In the men’s 3rd equal were Ian Lunn and Phil Southwell, 2nd was George Brooks and first by a fairly huge margin and the highest Delta score I’ve ever seen, with 27 points was Jono.

Great evening and thanks to all whom came.  Thanks also for my bottle of wine Adrian – gone already!

Thank you, Doug Emmott

At this year’s AGM, the Committee were pleased to announce that they were giving Doug Emmott an Honorary Membership of the Club for all his hard work in organising the Monday and Thursday Rollups.  The Rollup Group had beaten us to the punch and already presented Doug with their own award and here below is a note from Judith Cutler that sums up the way the Group feels about him.

“The first person Keith and I ever met at Ciren Roll-Ups was Doug Emmott: he made us as welcome as if we were already friends. We were not alone.  He takes everyone as they come, whether they’re good players or bad, and relishes their company, always interested in what they’re up to and never complaining if they lose his serve for him.  He always insists, and I truly believe him, that he never worries about the score, just the pleasure of playing – which he does extremely well. When I had to learn to play left-handed, a pain for everyone, not just me, he feigned his own injury, so he could spend a whole session playing left-handed pat-ball with me; there was much laughter and a few tears – mine.  His kindness and generosity have never, ever wavered to anyone – I’m sure every single one of the Roll-Ups has a similar tale to tell.

Sometimes it’s time to do more than simply say ‘Thank you’. Sometimes you want to give a little token of your gratitude. So we chose a little memento for him, and presented it with all our love and affection for a dear and delightful friend.

And what does Doug do next?  He turns up with a box of chocolates to thank us! That’s Doug for you.

Long may he continue to play with us.  Judith Cutler”


The photo shows Doug and his wife, Margaret, with that memento.

Delta Tournament – Saturday 19th November

The evening started well as we were able to watch the last 10 minutes of Andy Murray’s semi-final in the ATP world tour finals.  It put us in the mood.  There were two groups as per normal but this time they were more randomly chosen and on the whole it worked very well.

Our winners were:

Red Group      Men –   2nd equal with 21 points Paul Wheeler and Paul Hargreaves

1st – with a runaway 26 points Joe Sach

Ladies –           2nd equal with 22 points Midge Wellfair and Nicola Bailey

1st – with 23 points Rowena Wakefiled

Blue Group     Men –   3rd – Graham Wellfair (20 points)

Joint 1st – George Brooks and Paul Harris (with Paul winning the bottle of Prosecco as he had fewer games against him) (21 points each)

Ladies –           3rd – ME! with 19 points

2nd – Jane Muncer (21)

1st – Rachel Snowball – a whopping 24 points

Hope everyone enjoyed it.  Helpful(!) feedback on any of the year’s tournaments welcome.  Zena


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