Mixed Singles League


The club is currently running a mixed singles league, to enter email Paul Wheeler paulwh79@hotmail.co.uk

The leagues run for two months, and participants should play two matches a month for two months.  The next league will start in January.

The divisions for the November to December league have been allocated as follows:

Div 1

Gianni Gray,  Joe Dennish, Pete Vallance, Matt Beamish, and Peter Coulter.

Div 2

Toby Lowsley-Williams, Oscar Snowball,  David Clarke,  Jon Lee, and David Renney.

Div 3

Christophe Landure, Paul Wheeler, Ian Sagan, Christopher Edwards, Spencer Edwards, and Alex Shaw.

Div 4

Matt Frost, Gael Mackenzie, Jonathon Gell, Liam Hayden, Julia J-B, and Chiara Bassetti.

Results should be recorded in the booking folder in the club house.

Matches are two sets, 7 point tie-break applies at 6:6; and at 1 set all, play a championship tie break: first to 10 points with 2 clear points.

At the end of the season 2 people will be promoted and 2 will be relegated from each division: where possible; then the league will restart.

League placings are allocated with the following criteria in this order: 1) matches won, 2) matches played, 3) head-to-head result, 4) games won/ lost – where a championship tiebreak counts as one game.  Anyone retiring has their matches won considered; however, results against an injured person for the rest of the league are not counted.


August-September League winners were: Division 1 – Gianni Gray (x2), Division 2 – Matt Beamish, Division 3 – Jon Lee (x2), Division 4 – Ian Sagan, and Ladies – Julie Taylor. 

Well done All!

June-July League winners were: Division 1 – Gianni Gray, Division 2 – Pete Vallance, Division 3 – Toby Lowsley-Williams (x2), Division 4 – Jon Lee, and Ladies – Chiara Bassetti.

April to May League winners were: Division 1 – Oscar Snowball, Division 2 – Joe Dennish, Division 3 – Paul Wheeler, and Division 4 – Toby Lowsley-Williams.  Also, well done to the other people promoted.

Mid-Jan to March League winners were: Division 1 – Gianni Gray (x6), Division 2 – Oscar Snowball, Division 3 – Pete Vallance (x2), Division 4 – Matt Beamish (x2),  and Division 5 – Ian Sagan.   The (x2) and (x6) signify 2 and 6 consecutive division wins.


November to Mid January League winners were: Division 1 – Gianni Gray (x5), Division 2 – Jeremy Smith, Division 3 – Alfie Smith, Division 4 – Pete Vallance, Division 5 – Matt Beamish,  Ladies – Stephanie Emmerson.

September-October League winners were: Division 1 – Oscar Snowball, Division 2 – Gianni Gray (x4), Division 3 – Rowena Wakefield, Division 4 – Julia JB, Division 5 – Christophe Landure, Division 6 – Matt Frost, and Division 7 – Ann Napper.

July-August League winners were: Division 1 – Guy Cowdy, Division 2 – Matt Morton (x2), Division 3 – Gianni Gray (x3), Division 4 – Jonathon Vickers (x2), Division 5 – Barry Robinson, Division 6 – Gael Mackenzie, and Division 7 – Stephanie Emmerson.

May-June League winners were: Division 1 – Jack Gower, Division 2 – Oscar Snowball (x2), Division 3 – Matt Morton, Division 4 – Gianni Gray (x2), Division 5 – Jonathon Vickers, Division 6 – Peter Coulter, and Division 7 – Christopher Edwards.

March-April League winners were: Division 1 – Guy Cowdy, Division 2 – Mark Stephens, Division 3 – Oscar Snowball, Division 4 – David Clarke, Division 5 – Gianni Gray, and Division 6 – Matt Frost.

Local Tennis Leagues

Players may also wish to play in the Cirencester Local Tennis Leagues.  This is independent to Cirencester Tennis Club; however, well worth considering for keen singles players.

Friendly, competitive singles 

Keen to play some singles? Want to test yourself against others? The Cirencester Tennis League offers friendly, competitive tennis for men and women of all standards. Players are graded into groups and arrange their own matches at a mutually convenient time over 8 weeks. Any court that suits both players can be used. For more details, see the short video, featuring Greg Rusedski here https://vimeo.com/156566406
Entry £18 at www.localtennisleagues.com/cirencester.

Any questions? Email: info+cirencester@localtennisleagues.com