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Mixed Winter Teams


Go to Division 1

Katie B
Julia JB
Paul Harg
Paul Harris


Go to Division 2

Sophie H
Joe S
Paul A


Go to Division 3

Kate D
Clare W
Di H
Chris J
Jonathan V
John O
Peter C*


Go to Division 5

Sophie B
Ann Marie
Nicola B
Jonathan G
Andrew L
Toby / Alex


Zach / Jo Adams (A)
Julie T / Mike T / Jonno (B)
Ian / Zena / Paul W (C)
Jackie Tarleton / Britta Stephens / Kathryn Proctor (D)

Please Note: Nominated players can play for a higher team, but any player (nominated or not) who plays 3 matches becomes tied to that level/team and can’t play down for the rest of that season.

These rules have been in place for winter and summer leagues for many years but may be a little confusing. Please check with Rachel or Shane and the respective team captains when using players from other teams. Any points gained in a match by an illegal player will be forfeited.

Seniors League (for members 60+)

This year Cirencester have entered 2 Ladies’ teams and 1 Men’s team.  Please contact Graham Welfair on or Mary Merricks on if you’d like to be part of these teams: clicking on the name will create an email.  Mary is the contact for both ladies teams.


A-Team league table

B-Team league table

Angela Canty
Maggie Fillingham
Jane Broderick
Lynette Taylor
Lesley Houghton
Mary Merricks (C)
Midge Wellfair
Lilian O’Carroll
Caroline Fish
Rosemary Foy
Dee Greatorex
Jill Nash
Ann Brangwin
Carol Bailey
Jean Rawlinson


See league table

Adrian Potter
Graham Wellfair (C)
Jonathan Vickers
Mike Barnes
Paul Archer
Richard Rawlinson
Steve Ryan
Tom Slator
Tony Cowieson


Sunday Winter League

Cirencester currently has four Sunday Winter League Teams, these teams are group based and the captains are: A-Team: Paul Harris, B-Team: Amanda Parkhurst, C-Team: Jenny Hood; and D-Team: Adrian Potter.  Anyone in the club can start another team, and the current organiser of this league is Paul Harris.  The format is one match of mens doubles and ladies doubles, then a mixed match.  Ideally to form a team you would need four men and four ladies.

Men’s Aegon Teams (Summer)

The club will have two Men’s Aegon Teams this year, the A team is captained by Adam Swan.

Link to Men’s A Aegon Team Table

The B team will be captained by Paul Wheeler, so please contact Paul if you would like to be part of this team. Paul’s email is

Link to Men’s B Aegon Team Table  – Select “Open Men’s Division 2 onwards”

The matches are usually on a Saturday, however, could also be on a Sunday.

The format is similar Davis cup, so will be 4x singles then 2x doubles; and there are likely to be 3 or 4 matches.

Please also state your preference as to if you would prefer to play singles or doubles.

Over 35? Interested in competitive tennis?  Follow this link to find out more…